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Engage with Instagram Posts using Selenium

4 minute read

Social media engagement matters, like it or not. Lately I find myself more engaged with creator content on YouTube and TikTok than the posts from my connecti...

ChatGPT as a Language Tutor

3 minute read

Language learning is set to become both more accessible and affordable thanks to the integration of AI technologies in educational tools. Conversational prac...

Next Projects

1 minute read

Large Language Models (LLMs) are exciting to any developer. It was a year ago that OpenAI changed the game with GPT-3. The hype has subsided and that just re...

Twitter analysis

9 minute read

Statistical methods for modeling and analyzing data are all the buzz, and have been for a while now. Tooling has come a long way, as have educational resourc...

Garbage Characters in XML

1 minute read

Polar’s GPS often takes time to establish a satellite connection and retrieve a position. After export a “strange character” sits in the time node, causing j...

Exploring the Search Space

1 minute read

I moved on from sort to search and implemented a few search algorithms in python from pseudocode on wikipedia. I coded a simple backtracking algorithm as wel...

Upsifting in a Heapsort

2 minute read

While trying to implement a heapsort in python I came across pseudocode that communicated that sifting up and sifting down to build the heap are different ap...

Book Review Team Geek

1 minute read

Team Geek is billed as a “Software Developer’s Guide to working well with others.” Its written by two googlers with solid tips for how to survive organizatio...

A look at Grunt.js

4 minute read

Grunt is a task runner that allows you to automate repetitive tasks like compiling CoffeeScript and SASS, minifying sources, testing. It is a tool to support...

Open Source Web Development Tools

1 minute read

I have been playing catchup lately trying to wrap my head around web developmentwith Node.js, and the npm ecosystem. There are so many tools available and pa...

Phone Backup

2 minute read

I’ve played with a lot of windows phones over the last few years. I started writing apps on Windows Phone 7 and the platform has matured nicely.

Apigee on PhoneGap

2 minute read

I like Orlando–most of all because its residents enjoy summertime temperatures while the rest of the country is in a deep freeze.

Here Are Some Apps

less than 1 minute read

I have a good amount of WinRT experience. So, I decided to make some Windows 8 & Windows Phone applications to have a presence in the app store.

Developing in the Cloud

1 minute read

I want to move my development environment to the cloud.  My current setup is poor for a lot of reasons. I have a 120 SSD with half the space dedicated to a W...

Speaking Scripts With NirCmd

1 minute read

Nir Sofer has written a fun utility that I have been using to make my scripts talk.  Its called nircmd.exe

Memory Challenges and Recollection

1 minute read

I’ve been working on a memory hack that will serve as a reliable memory aid.  There is a short list of memory training systems out there used successfully, t...

Deactivating Windows Phone Live Tiles

2 minute read

When alive with activity, the Windows Phone 8 Live Tiles look great. I like the Flip Tile Template, in particular. It’s useful to be able to return them to a...

Loading Styles Dynamically on Windows 8

1 minute read

Windows 8 is very ambitious in its breadth of supported form factors.  Huge screens down through small tablets, it is quite variety of display surfaces suppo...

Exiting a Windows Phone Application

less than 1 minute read

On a Windows Phone it’s bad form to quit an application to close itself. Apps are supposed to be left running, since the application lifecycle suspends apps ...