Here Are Some Apps

less than 1 minute read

I have a good amount of WinRT experience. So, I decided to make some Windows 8 & Windows Phone applications to have a presence in the app store.

I have been creating some tools to help me be better handle some productivity challenges. I have used the Major System to help remember numbers. Its a simple mapping of phonetics to numbers so that a few words can encode a number set. This technique can be extended by creating a mnemonic image relating these words. Creating these mnemonics requires a bit of work up front, and so I created a tools for Windows Phone, Windows 8, and the web to help remeber numbers.

Least last year the Pittsburgh TechFest website exposed an API of scheduled and speakers, encouraging developers to make use of it. I created some reusable code in Portable Class Libraries (PCL) and used them to create a Windows Phone and Windows 8 app. The code is available as a demonstration of code reuse on Microsoft Platforms.

Check out the Pittsburgh TechFest app for Windows Phone or Windows 8 for a demonstration of code reuse on different Microsoft platforms. The code is Free!