🚵 Endurance Sports and Outdoor Pursuits

I have a deep passion for running, cycling, hiking, and camping. This zeal for improvement drove me to transform my physique, achieving milestones like a sub 3 hour marathon and finishing a 40 mile ultramarathon. My cycling adventures led me to embark on the breathtaking 4,0000 mile TransAmerica Trail.

Additionally, I’ve conquered several triathlons (though swimming isn’t my favorite), and I revel in the serenity of hiking and camping amidst mountainous terrains. My treks include scaling many (but not all!) of the Adirondack 46ers.

💪 Body Sculpting

A dedicated year of hypertrophy training has transformed me, and I owe a significant part of this journey to #FitTok. The accessibility of science-based workouts has indeed been a game-changer.

👨‍💻 Technological Innovations

My love for programming began at a tender age, and I now cherish my role as a software engineer. The rapid advancements in AI, especially the potential of LLM, deeply excite me. I eagerly await the day technology brings revolutionary changes to health and education sectors, hoping to play a role in those transformative moments.

🎸 Harmonic Passions

While I might not claim to possess innate musical genius, the thrill of strumming the guitar, bowing the violin, plucking the ukulele, playing the piano, or beating the drums never ceases. The journey through music theory remains an exhilarating experience.

📸 Photography

I love to travel and do my best to capture and to share the what I’ve been fortunate to see with others. Photography is a great excuse to wake up early, explore, and be creative. Have a look at my portfolio websites at either NeverBeenEver or Good Gander

💬 Linguistic Adventures

I love language. While much of my linguistic journey took place in structured classroom settings, I’ve achieved a considerable fluency in Spanish and built up a decent German vocabulary. Other language I have studied are Italian, Chinese, and ASL that were at a beginner level some time ago.

I apply lessons of Spaced Repitition Systems (SRS) to my language learning, and I’ve found that Anki is a fantastic tool for this purpose.